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A 7 Day Tour to Canberra
Monday 5 October – Sunday 11 October, 2020

"I have planned a city that is not like any other in the world. I have planned it not in a way that I expected any government authorities in the world would accept. I have planned an ideal city – a city that meets my ideal of the city of the future." …Walter Burley Griffin 1912
Our National Capital is an inspiring place! Not only is it home to our Federal Government it is a centre filled with national treasures and monuments – a place every Australian can relate to and be proud of. On this tour we will stay for 4 nights in the centre of Canberra. Our stay will focus on different aspects of Australian life – our history on the world stage, our Government since Federation in 1901, the Nation’s Flora and Fauna and some national galleries and museums. Come to Canberra and be inspired

Day 1 (LD): Heading to Canberra via Albury (Mon 5 October)

We have an early departure this morning from the South East and make our way into Western Victoria and onto Albury for our first night on tour. (Meal inclusions: Club lunch/Welcome dinner)
Quality Siesta Albury – 1 night
Day 2 (BLD): Spring in the ACT (Tuesday 6 October)

This morning we continue north along the Hume Highway – passing through Gundagai and onto Yass where we connect with the Barton Highway towards Canberra. Our lunch stop and afternoon visit is Tulip Top Gardens. The 10 acre garden of magnificent tulips and other spring flowers creates a spectacular display. Hundreds of blossom trees nestle between the flowers and provide a magic pathway to the cascading waterfall and watercourse with classical music wafting through the air in the hidden valley. Take the popular pathway past the rosemary field framed by unique blossom trees to our 70 metre high viewing platform for the perfect photo. What a wonderful introduction to Canberra in Spring. (Meal inclusions: Breakfast & dinner in the motel/Light lunch at Tulip Top Gardens)
Canberra – 4 nights
Day 3 (BLD): Who runs this country? (Wednesday 7 October)

On Capital Hill, overlooking Lake Burley Griffin and facing the Australian War Memorial, is Parliament House. Its not the original Parliament House of course – that building sits just below Capital Hill and is now the Museum of Australian Democracy - the ONLY museum that celebrates democracy and our place within it.
Our first appointment todays is a guided tour of Parliament House with its renowned architecture, impressive art collection and amazing rooftop views of Canberra – and then at the iconic “Old Parliament House” to experience Australian history first hand. A light lunch will follow. This afternoon we have an appointment at the High Court. Its all very well for our politicians to make the law but who upholds them? The High Court of Australia is the highest court in the judicial system. It was established in 1901 by Section 71 of the Constitution. The functions of the High Court are to interpret and apply the law of Australia; to decide cases of special federal significance including challenges to the constitutional validity of laws and to hear appeals, from Federal, State and Territory courts. (Meal inclusions today - Breakfast & dinner in the hotel/Light lunch at Parliament House)
Day 4 (BLD): Who served this country? (Thursday 8 october)

Apart from the political leaders Australia has been well served by the military - and today the main focus of our touring will be around the Australian War Memorial. But first we have planned a visit to the National Museum of Australia. On the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, the museum’s stunning architecture creates an extraordinary place in which to explore the rich and diverse stories of Australia and its people. After an interesting morning we transfer across to the Australian War Memorial. This memorial commemorates the sacrifice of the Australian men and women, who have served in war, through its ceremonial areas, extensive exhibitions and research facilities.
After a light lunch at Poppies Restaurant we will spend the afternoon looking around the War Memorial. Over the past few years the Memorial has undergone extensive redevelopment resulting in new galleries and displays. The largest of these is the very impressive Anzac Hall which has a number of must-see exhibits. One is G for George - a stunning re-creation of a night operation over Berlin in 1943, featuring the famous Lancaster bomber "G for George". Another is Submarine featuring the Memorial’s famous midget submarine, assembled from sections of two of the three submarines that raided Sydney in 1942. Later in the afternoon we move to the focus of the commemoration - the Hall of Memory together with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Pool of Reflection and the Roll of Honour that lists the names of over 102,000 Australian servicemen and women who have died in war. It is here we’ll hear the last post and closing ceremony. (Meal inclusions today - Breakfast & dinner in the hotel/Light lunch at Poppies Restaurant at the Australian War Memorial)
Day 5 (BLD): What about more gardens ? (Friday 9 October) 
Cockington Green Gardens
This morning we are off to Cockington Green Gardens. The miniature buildings of Cockington Green have been attracting crowds for decades but the gardens surrounding them are a major attraction in their own right. Each year almost 35,000 flowers are planted here. Next stop is the National Arboretum – a 250 hectare site featuring rare and iconic tree species from around the world. Located at the western end of Lake Burley Griffin it contains one of the world’s largest living collections of rare, endangered and significant trees. Winner of the World Architecture Festival for landscape, the National Arboretum surrounds visitors with panoramic views, stunning architecture and the natural beauty of trees and gardens from Australia and around the world. After a light lunch in The Village a guide will join the coach to show us the Bonsai Collection and the spectacular views of Canberra and Queanbeyan from the top of the hill. We then head into the centre of town and spend the afternoon at Floriade 2020. Commonwealth Park is the centre of the Floriade Festival. The flower display is the largest of its type in the southern hemisphere. We have plenty of time to enjoy this abundance of bloom and beauty and there are many refreshment outlets where we can purchase our afternoon tea. (Meal inclusions today - Breakfast & dinner in the hotel/Light lunch at The Arboretum)
Day 6 (BLD): Heading Home (Saturday 10 October)

Our Canberra visit has gone far too quickly!! However our trip home will be fun, with an overnight stop in Holbrook. We have arranged a morning tea stop in Yass at Crisps Gallery this morning.
Peter Crisp is internationally regarded as one of the world’s finest glass artisans. He began experimenting with glass from his homestead in 1981. Soon he had perfected a new art form allowing glass to develop into a multitude of flowing lines and bounding curves. This new concept takes ordinary glass to the extreme limits of its character! Lunch is at Gundagai with a brief stop at the famous “Dog on the Tuckerbox.” The afternoon will be spent in Holbrook – to explore the Submarine Museum (why is there a Submarine Museum in inland NSW?) and the National Museum of Australian Pottery which was established in 1995 - the only museum in Australia dedicated to 19th and 20th century Australian pottery. (Meal inclusions today – Cooked breakfast and dinner in the motel/Club lunch)
Byer Fountain Motor Inn 164 Albury Street Holbrook Tel 02 60362077 – 1 night
Day 7 (B): Home to Naracoorte (Sunday 11 October, 2020)

From Holbrook we head home arriving late in the afternoon to complete a sensational 7 day tour. (Meal inclusions: Breakfast in the motel)